10 November 2017
Kyiv, Ukraine

Hilton Hotel, 30 Shevchenko blvd.


About IIPC

Arzinger International Intellectual Property Conference is the international forum for legal professionals and businesses from all the industries which is held annually in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The event joins IP experts, business representatives, investors to share the experiences and to obtain the practical guidance on different IP issues, as well as for the acclaimed in-person networking with their peers and business partners.

Our Intellectual Property events provide timely practical guidance on every aspect of strategic IP planning and protection including patent prosecution, licensing, infringement litigation, Hatch Waxman litigation, ITC and PTAB proceedings, and more. With each event targeted to specific industries and practice groups, our forums provide high-level insights on the most recent developments while also allowing for essential in-person networking and business development opportunities with your industry colleagues.

In 2017 Arzinger is going to witness the third successful year in a row hosting the event targeted to specific industries and practice groups.

This year the conference will be structured around two streams providing high-level insights and addressing the key topics relating to the overall theme of IP and will allow to satisfy the requirements and anticipations regarding the conference of each participant.

The venue of the event - Hilton Hotel located in the center of Kyiv – is the perfect location for the productive conference and ensures a pleasant atmosphere for in-person networking and discussions among conference members during and after the event.

Welcome to Kyiv! Welcome to IIPC 2017!

  • 9:00 9:30
    Welcome coffee
    Come and pick up your badges, take a cup of coffee and enjoy wonderful fall view before turning to IP issues discussion.
  • 9:30 9:45
    Opening Remarks
    Follow the philosophy promoting IP values, get inspired with Arzinger for the productive day.

    Timur Bondaryev, Managing Partner, Arzinger

    Kateryna Oliinyk, Counsel, Head of IP practice, Arzinger

  • 9:45 10:30
    Stakeholders’ and decision makers’ opinions on current IP issues
    Industry 4.0. introduces fascinating innovations and changes the landscape of established businesses. So where are we going? May the state react to innovations and should it be an involved supporter or just a casual observer? During discussions hold within this session we shall discuss: - establishment of the IP Court: The Final Countdown; - novels of EU-UA Association Agreement: modernization of the IP Protection.

    • Moderator

    - Kateryna Oliinyk, Counsel, Head of IP practice, Arzinger

    • Speakers

    - Bohdan L’vov, Head of the Supreme Commercial Court of Ukraine

    - Mykola Pototsky, PhD, the Head of the IP Enforcement Depatment of Ukrpatent

  • 10:30 11:00
    Coffee break
    Take a short break for sharing views on the prospects of IP development and rapturous communications.
  • 11:00 13:00
    IT stream:
    • Investments & Bizdevs
    • Tax & IT companies structuring
    Industries stream: Life sciences & Pharma Panel
    "From brilliant idea to global business" is a wild dream of each startup company. But the path to success is thorny enough containing M&A, IP and tax aspects, which should be considered both by the founders and investors. The goal of this panel is to reveal key issues to be taken into consideration when running startup business, including:

    - how to build up the balanced relationship between a startup and investor. Shareholders agreement as the instrument for the successful cooperation;

    - intellectual property as the main non-tangible asset;

    - tax issues and tax structuring.

    • Moderator:

    - Tetiana Slabko, Associate of IP practice, Arzinger

    Issue 1 – From Startup to the Global IT Business

    • Speakers:

    - Viktoriia Dobrynska, Associate of Corporate practice, Arzinger

    - Pavlo Khodakovsky, Partner, Head of Tax practice, Arzinger

    • Moderators:

    - Vitaliy Gordienko, Chairman of the APRaD Board of Directors

    - Kateryna Oliinyk, Counsel, Head of IP practice, Arzinger

    Issue 1

    IP is a set of mechanisms allowing both to protect rightholders’ interests and provide the state with an instrument to establish policies influencing the businesses of the market players. The situation appears to be complicated enough for pharma sector, because of allocations of the huge investments, considerable interest of the state in this area and the staked health of the whole nation. This panel is a right place for revealing what legal tools may be used by pharma companies to boost their business in Ukraine and how politics and institutions influence the business climate, inter alia:

    - supplementary Protection Certificates: reshaping the procedure;

    - Patent Disputes in the New Paradigm: what to expect from the new IP Court and the new procedural rules

    • Speakers:

    - Oksana Kashyntseva, Ph.D. Law, Docent, Head of Center for Harmonization of Human Rights and IP Rights of the Scientific and Research Institute of IP

    - Oksana Gumega, Judge of Kyiv Commercial Court

    - Liudmyla Zaporozhets, Deputy Head of the IP Enforcement Depatment of Ukrpatent

    Issue 2 – Investments & startups: house of cards or the deal jackpot
    Issue 2

    • Speakers:

    - Natalia Solomakhina, Chief Legal Officer, Digital Future, Change Everything Officer, Bot&Partners

    IP pretends to be one of the most valuable assets nowadays. Pharma sector is the specific sector with its own set of rules for IP objects use: specific requirements to naming, restrictions for advertising and severe competition. Should business live or survive with such demands and what aspect should be taken into consideration when managing IP-portfolio of your pharmaceutical company? The following points for discussion are suggested:

    - industrial designs in pharmaceutical se?tor;

    - conflicts of the pharmaceutical trademarks: interplay between trademark and regulatory requirements;

    - what makes TM portfolio of pharmaceutical company a valuable asset and how to avoid errors in its management?

    • Speakers:

    - Serhiy Petrenko, Head of Center for Expert Research, Scientific and Research Institute of IP

    - Dmytro Taranchuk, Head of Legal Department, Farmak

  • 13:00 14:00
    Midday is coming, so why not to take a break and talk over the matters of business as well as the personal interests?
  • 14:00 16:30
    IT stream (Internet & Media law): intermediaries in OTT and VoD services, e-commerce issues
    Industries stream: Food&Beverages and retail panel
    New channels of content distribution. OTT and VoD in the ecosystem of on-line distribution of content. Is there a synergy or confrontation between copyright and technologies?

    • Moderator

    - Kateryna Oliinyk, Counsel, Head of IP practice, Arzinger

    • Speakers:

    - Andriy Kolodyuk, Founder and Managing Partner, Adventures Capital Fund, Head of Supervisory Board, UVCA, Founder, Divan.TV

    - Avv. Gianluca Massimei, Salary Partner, NCTM

    - Iryna Katiuschenko, Head of Legal Department, Megogo

    - Iryna Stroyko, General Counsel, Studio 1+1, Director, Youth Distribution

    - Andrii Bakhtalovsky, Legal Counsel, Studio 1+1

    Traditionally brands are in the focus for FMCG and service companies as brands manifest product innovation, graphic design, store layout, customer service and many other components of the brand experience. Thus, the issues of TM protection and enforcement, IP licensing, unfair competition issues are always on the front-burner for these industries.
    Issue 1 – IP & Unfair Competition
    Keep calm and continue challenge lookalikes. ?re there any difference between IP rights infringements and unfair competition? Are there any specific standards of proof for such proceedings? Are non-traditional TMs a good idea to get any advantages? Let’s refer to the recent court practice on the issues mentioned above.

    • Moderator:

    - Oleksandr Dyakulych, Senior associate of antimonopoly practice, Arzinger

    • Speakers:

    - Anton Polikarpov, Head of Intellectual Property Department, Roshen

    - Oleksandr Tereshchenko, Head of Food Law Legal Group, Danone

    - Andriy Panchak, Senior Lawyer, Ferrero Ukraine

    - Kateryna Sopova, Research officer of the Scientific and Research Institute of IP, National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine

    - Oksana Man′ko, Deputy Head of Department of Investigations on Unfair Competition, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

    Issue 2 – Challenges of the IP protection at the customs border
    IP protection strategies are developed in offices and tested at the customs border. Both Ukrainian and international business turn to registration of IP objects in the IP Customs Register, but further there a troublesome process of real counteraction to IP infringements. In the course of the current discussion the following issues will be presented:

    - tricks of the infringers, which may happen at customs, and how to avoid customs surveillance;

    - Banana Republic: industrial design patent as the ban for importation of products;

    - unfair TM registrations: a deadlock for bona fide importers or a pot of gold for moneymakers?

    • Moderator:

    - Maksym Medvid, Associate of South Ukrainian Branch, Arzinger

    • Speakers:

    - Oleksii Gashytsky, head of department of IP rights protection and export control, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

    - Marina Golovnitskaya, Associate of IP practice, Sorainen (Belorussia)

    Issue 3 – IP & Franchising
    IP is considered as the key assets for franchising. That’s why there should be both effective legal protection and strong strategic commercialization models. The following issues are among the most discussable:

    - franchiser VS franchisee: what’s about legal relations?

    - brand scaling – why is it important?

    - competition issues of franchising

    • Moderator:

    - Maryna Akhtimitova, Associate of antimonopoly practice, Arzinger

    • Speakers:

    - Oleksander Lukianov, Managing partner, Franchising Full Cycle

    - Oleksander Aleksieienko, Expert, Franchising Full Cycle

  • 16:30 18:30
    Evening Reception
    It’s high time to take stock of the professional discussions, celebrate pleasant acquaintances and raise the glasses for upcoming weekends.

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